Terms and conditions of contract


Expertrees (Surrey) Limited
Arboriculture and Landscape Specialist

Works carried out by Expertrees are in compliance with the BS 3998 (1989) ‘Recommendations¬† for Tree Work’.

Tree restrictions:
Permission is required from the Local Authority to carry out works on trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders or Conservation areas. On acceptance of the quote Expertrees will make the necessary checks with the Council and will make any reasonable application on the client’s behalf should any trees have preservation orders.

Property covenants and tree ownership:
The client is responsible for informing Expertrees of any private covenants. Works carried out to trees that are not owned by our clients will require written consent from the tree owner to undertake proposed works.

The client must provide any information regarding pipes, cables or wires and their exact locations. Expertrees will not be liable for damage caused to such services as a result of work performed.

Any modification or changes at the client’s request, once work is underway, will be controlled and priced accordingly. Expertrees reserves the right to withdraw from the contracted works should additional conditions imposed by the client, not previously disclosed, cause the non-facilitation of normal tree surgery working methods.

Please ensure neighbours’ are aware of the works to be carried out, especially with regard to possible road closure and vehicular access.

This quote is valid for 3 months and priced for the whole works being accepted; if itemized parts of the quote are accepted at different times causing more than one visit, the cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Payment is requested in full within 14 days of completion of each requested works.

Upon acceptance of the quotation, any cancellation made less than 2 weeks prior to works date will incur a charge of 10% of the total job costing.

Damage to property:
In the event of debris having to be removed through a property, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the internal decor is well protected and valuable items removed.
Access should be made clear for the removal of the tree and ornaments removed.

Though every care is taken, during tree works some unavoidable temporary disruption may be caused to the area directly in the drop zone below the tree canopy. Every care will be made to avoid any damage.  Expertrees will not be liable for this type of work damage that may be caused as a result of the operations performed whilst undertaking the contract within safe tree surgery guidelines.

Stump grinding:
Stump grinding is the removal of the tree stump and does not include the side lateral roots, unless specified.

Every care is taken to maintain as little disruption to the site during the erection of fencing. Please ensure your neighbour is aware of the works to be carried out and ensure adequate access for works.

Parking for vehicle and machinery will be required to carry out works – if this is likely to be a problem, Expertrees must be made aware and suitable arrangements made in advance.

Site and weather conditions:
Expertrees reserves the right to cancel and reschedule the project date due to adverse weather conditions or any other restriction posed on the day which may place the public, employees or property at risk.

Expertrees is covered by Public Liability insurance.

References/testimonials from previous clients can be provided on request. Details of previous work sites can be viewed. Please see our website and check us out on Checkatrade.

Thank you for your custom. Please keep my details for future reference.

We are absolutely delighted with the work you have done in our garden. Thank you very much.